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Adding rocket fuel to client campaigns

Get access to a cookieless-ready targeting technology stack today

Enhance the performance of your campaigns with proprietary behavioral and contextual targeting powered by Deep Learning

Reach audiences across an unparalleled network of inventory partners, including CTV

Offer your clients exceptional creatives for free, including dynamically personalized Streaming Video Ads

Build a lasting partnership to bring results to your clients and achieve your agency’s business goals

Conquering the

cookieless world

How will your business change in the cookieless world?

The phasing out third-party cookies has been inevitable for some time. Have you considered how the change will affect your ability to deliver personalized campaigns to your clients?


technology for the cookieless world

Active cooperation

with the W3C


Almost 10 years of experience in working

with first-party data

2 Proposals

(PLTD & OBTD) fully incorporated into FLEDGE

25 Experts dedicated

to working on the

cookieless issue

We've been working hard to make sure your agency can be ready for the cookieless future.

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with ContextAI

Do you spend your budget on the right users?

In a cookieless world, socio-demographic targeting will be limited or unusable. Even basic targeting by gender and age often reaches less than 20% of the intended target audience. Behavioral and contextual tools are the future of privacy-first online targeting.

With RTB House Context AI you get:

Real-time audiences with maximum impact, ready for the cookieless world

Elimination of bias regarding the best audience to target

Deep Learning-optimized results, with analysis and adjustments executed 24/7

* According to 2019 Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings report

Make space for

Deep Learning

Can you get an edge and get ahead?

Make the most of the upcoming changes and seize your opportunity. With RTB House AI, fully powered by Deep Learning, you can get a significant edge over competitors.

Embrace the wealth of first-party data available in the cookieless world.

Real-time analysis leading to personalized campaigns

Estimating and predicting buying potential with high precision

Allocating a client’s budget where it matters most

Deep Learning algorithms help astrophysicists understand the formation and evolution of observed galaxies! Can you imagine AI more powerful than that?

Reach from

another dimension

Working with the best SSPs allows RTB House to give agencies access to inventory on a global scale. We provide you with access to premium publishers and an incredible range of specialized video, audio, and CTV publishers.

* Comscore MMX data

** Authorized by ADS.TXT or Sellers JSON

*** Instream & outstream ad requests

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Streaming Video Ads (SVA) enabling advanced personalization are one if the most sought after products in our offer. Designed to make the most of upper-funnel campaigns, they take the context to a new level.

Dynamic personalization (DCO) gives the ability to connect with product feeds at scale. Each ad can be turned into a personal message

Our high-quality creatives are universally acclaimed by our clients

All the key metrics of campaigns utilizing SVA, like Viewability and Video completion Rate, are above the market standard

RTB House Streaming Video Ads

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VCR increase


up to


up to

higher viewability


ad space

with RTB House

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Our innovative technology allows your agency to embrace the new opportunities in the changing future.

Navigating ad space has never been easier.

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